Saturday, December 10, 2016


For those interested in 
Kundalini as Transformation 
the two videos from a recent talk are up on my web site under "Videos" with another two on 
Connecting with Spirit Guides. 

There are two timely talks in February on 
The Play of Light and Dark - Infinite Polarity 
and more to follow in summer.

Have a wonderful holiday season and the best of everything for 2017.

I thought I would end the year with some of these quotes on judgment acknowledging that all below is easier said than done. 
There is still a lot of angst around the results of the election and justifiable concern about what is to come. Maybe these quotes, the messages in the songs and bumping up our spiritual practice will help us get over the current concerns and hopefully for some, the feelings of despair. 
There are only two emotions - love and fear. Judgment is often a manifestation of fear and ego. We do need to judge or maybe better still, discern or discriminate but it should not be out of anger or hate which are a part of fear. We cannot deny that evil exists and have to stand against injustice but not with malice in our hearts.  Challenging the negative with negative is ineffective. Love, light and laughter are required.

When we point fingers there are always three fingers pointing back at us. Judgment can be a projection of our own shadow and fears onto others.
The Ancestors say that there is only one real truth and that is Love. And also that; 
"Truth is often ego clinging to its own image."

Let the messages from the ancestors in the songs be a guide  about what the real issues are for us spiritually at this critical time. I have no clever answers other than the wisdom of the ancestors about being in danger of losing our spiritual power and our own unique destiny path.
Sometimes by perseverating on darkness we become part of it. Our karmic destiny is at stake here.
 Matthew and the Talmud imply that judgment can be harmful to our karma and if attended by malice can come back to bite us. We can harm ourselves spiritually more than having any affect on the one(s) we are judging.
Maybe all this personifies the Dalai Lama's non hateful attitude to the Chinese who have forced the Tibetans into diaspora and destroyed their sacred places.

Karma will reconcile all differences.

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More than ever...

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Maybe the wisest message is; 
"we cannot control results, only our actions, we cannot predict outcomes, only our choices."
And even if the bar has been lowered the U.S.A is still comparatively a good place to be, (says I on my way to South Africa.) We must trust that the system will sort things out.

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