Sunday, February 19, 2017


The tension between light and dark is essentially a result of the balance between the two basic feelings of love and fear.
Everything related to these polarities is a test and at the same time a template for spiritual perfection. The Creator does not micromanage. Karma; the law of cause and effect is a default function of the soul. We don't get away with anything and are eventually heading toward spiritual perfection after numerous life times where we come back again and again to correct our dysfunctions.
There are two kinds of stress, good or eustress and distress which is pervasive in today's world. Some folks strive on stress. For the rest of us the only way we can manage bad stress is with some sort of spiritual practice - a way of going inward so that we can shift from Monkey or Narrow Mind into Spacious or Big Mind. 
We cannot think our way out of our "survival" Monkey Mind. Stress busting for most of us is best translated in some way into the body - hence the success of the Asanas (only one of the eight limbs of Yoga) in the Western world today. 
There is a triad within all of us that is constantly in flux; Ego, Narrow/Monkey Mind and Spacious/Buddha Mind. An enjoyable, sustainable spiritual practice done regularly for its own sake and not to look good is essential if Spacious Mind is going to prevail. Narrow Mind is about fear, Spacious Mind about love.

What we need to fear most is not fully engaging in the antidotes to fear, as Pinkola Estes warns. We need to fear fearing and as Roosevelt said during the Second World War, 
"the only thing to fear is fear itself!"

In these difficult times where fear is being used for political gain we have to be even more vigilant in guarding our light.

The Ancestors tell us that "we are all one, though not the same." We are all composed of carbon atoms and the elements and will  return to the earth - dust to dust. Hence if we can see the Divine in everyone, as in the greeting Namaste, we would all be better off. The enemy can be ourselves. We should judge the behavior rather than the person.
The Ancestors advise further ...

Mandela managed to get his white Apartheid opponents to admire, like and even love him. Churchill after superseding Chamberlain to engage the Nazis befriended his opponent and even told him he could continue to live at 10 Downing street.

The Ancestors advise...

In these challenging times we should not disobey the law and get incarcerated but must act or speak out against injustice.

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