Sunday, February 26, 2017


Lots of quotes this time from others who have said it much better than I can.
I had originally planned to do only a few posts on this subject but day by day it is becoming more and more important. So I will do a few more because I am getting asked and am also hearing  solutions that seem perfectly reasonable under the circumstances but may come back to bite us. 

Its my understanding that there are solicitations online to create "global" type "spells" to counteract or "bind" some of the dark that is heading our way due to the current circumstances. Just received an e. mail asking me if this is a suitable method for a bad situation. I thought I would say a few words about this. 
From a Karmic point of view we are here to correct injustice but not to counteract dark with dark 
-  if any solution constitutes darkness in any way. 
There is no doubt that in indigenous cultures it is often felt perfectly ok to correct witchcraft with witchcraft but this has bad Karmic consequence even though it can be effective. Its less likely to be effective on a global scale because free will is the cosmic law and there are so many variables and like Yogi Bearer said; "Its difficult to predict (or control) things especially when it comes to the future."
The Ancestors confirm;

The peaceful marches we have witnessed and the press upping the anti instead of standing down or being afraid is the way to go - the Buddha, Gandhi or Martin Luther King approach. 

This does not mean we should not counteract evil - for instance Isis - with equal or greater force. We desperately need our warriors to keep us safe. But the Karmically inclined warrior does not invoke hatred or the desire for vengeance and should be doing the task without malice) 
The Ancestors also say; "If the law does not serve love, do not serve the law!"which means protest and do whatever is in the light to counteract the challenge but we become part of the darkness when we allow our shadow or evil inclination to rule.
The Ancestors also tell us that; "One should be wary of mitigating against another's free will which is the cosmic law."

Besides Karma there are other universal truths we should remember.
We harm our soul and program our subconscious negatively if we go down this road, no matter how gratifying it may feel.

The Buddha also said that; "Hatred is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die."
 and Montaigne that...

Our choices should embrace the light.

The Ancestors

Next week we will discuss some detailed remedies.

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  1. Thokoza Gogo. Thokoza Mkhulu. A friend has leant me your book (Africa in my bones) which I much enjoyed reading. It lead me to find your blog and songs - much appreciated, the medicine of singing and singing our own songs is sadly scarce these days. Have subscribed on feedly so will keep reading. And perhaps,since I'm in South Africa, we might meet one day. Thokooooza!