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When we pass over to the other side most of us will go to one of the countless vibrations in this realm where we first will reconcile with our karma. 
Those that have a confused, sudden or traumatic death may end up earth bound which will retard this process of reincarnation to perfect the soul's journey.
We go to that vibration where the soul feels most comfortable. Hence higher vibrations in the Causal become unavailable to us. Those in the Causal retain free will and can travel to the lower vibrations but not vice versa. Usually we end up with spirits that have already past on who are of our family, culture and religion - in other words we retain our "blood root." 
There are a few options from the Astral but be aware that our understandings of how things really work are very incomplete. 
In the Astral we retain our astral body and when we see our guides in dreams or visitations they usually look the same as they looked in real time with the apparel that they now prefer to "wear." They may look younger or older, be resplendently dressed or not, happy or sad. They retain their personas and are who they always were and may retain their idiosyncrasies. 
Since the Astral is a school for the higher Self some of their misconceptions may have changed. For instance someone with a dogmatic religious belief in life may become much more tolerant. Other rigid attitudes they had may also change. 
Astral spirits have the huge advantage or being non local in time and space so that they can travel to any location to check out conditions and warn the living of upcoming events. They usually do this by scripting dreams but also through visitations or even verbal instruction. One may be driving down the freeway and decide to change lanes but hear a voice that says "NO!" This kind of message can save one's life. They also have access to our past lives (Book of Life or Akashic records) and know what our unique destiny is. They can become guides to keep us in line with our Divine purpose.
Since there is no time on the other side it may take years for someone to become a guide. My favorite uncle showed up at least a decade after his death as a guide especially with reference to the sangoma path. Their tasks are well defined and often very specific according to the skills they had in their life time and to what purpose they are designated. For example a business person in spirit will come with that kind of help but may not venture to give other information. 
Since they are not perfected beings like those in the Causal their information is not always correct. Those in a lower vibration may have an agenda to influence situations in favor of the living loved one which could be harmful to their karma and to others they are trying to disadvantage to help their loved one. 
Usually the help given is in the form of warnings of what not to do which is highly accurate and even life saving. They cannot influence your free will which is the cosmic law. Therefore when someone makes a request of their guides they have to be very specific. They cannot tell us what to do with our lives but can assist when it comes to specific questions such as; should I buy this house, go into this business venture, marry this person etc ???
The Ancestors tell us...

...With their help we are able to receive "supernatural information from a Field of possibilities.

Some of the options we have once we have reconciled with our karma include; 
Reside in the Astral, become a guide and reincarnate later. 
Reincarnate sooner after reconciling with our karma. Usually we choose a family who is best equipped to help us correct our previous deficiencies. This is not always a happy situation since we will be challenged with the very dysfunctions we need to correct which we failed to do in the past.
 Sometimes we can graduate to a higher vibration by doing service on the other side or even improve our vibration and reincarnate next time at a higher spiritual level. 
Buddhists work hard to inherit a reincarnation where they can advance their spiritual practice or better still inherit the "Pure Land"
or the Causal. 
We have no options in the Astral. Having lost free will it is decided for us.

The dead can assist the living in becoming congruent with their destiny but this requires a spiritual practice which includes our ancestors and guides. Remember a "foreign" guide may well have been someone from a remote past life who loved you and still loves you. Love is the catalyst which gives them the desire to help and also the facility to more easily cross the veil between worlds.

At the end of the day preparation for death must also include living consciously and embracing truth, love, spiritual awareness as well as acknowledging the importance of karma and the power of dreams in communicating with the spirit world. Spiritual awareness encompasses subordinating ego, judgment and desirous attachment to the higher Self.

If you want to review how best to connect with your spirit guides go to and download that video.

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