Sunday, April 2, 2017


Rumi said; 
"Out there beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing there is a Field - I will meet you there." 
For most of us accessing the Field is quite difficult and dreams may be the easiest way of gleaning information from this vast source of the Unknowable and its multiple realms. Even Einstein said that we would know a little more than we know now but that the real nature of things we would never know - never! The Zohar states that as sentient beings we live in a 1% universe. The other 99% is beyond our limited perception. 
Moreover, there is no time in the Field. Einstein also acknowledged that the distinction between past, present and future is only an illusion  albeit a stubborn one. Our spirit guides are non local in time and space which gives them a huge advantage in being able to provide information that we are not privy to. They live in the moment in a timeless space but have no free will of their own. They can, however, assist the living through their free will. Those perfected beings in the Causal realm retain free will. All of us have guides in differing vibrations in the Astral who can help us. We too may be guides one day soon.
Some of the ways to facilitate getting into the Field are with spiritual practice, opening our hearts and paying attention to our dreams (the topic of the talk in July.) 
The benefits include spiritual transformation, equanimity, access to  paranormal information, guidance and healing. There are many paths to spirit that do not have to embrace Eastern methods of going inward or shamanic techniques. Even walking on the beach, playing the guitar, dancing or anything done for its own sake and for the purpose of going inward can qualify.
Our guides are there to help us negotiate our way to a higher vibration and eventually to spiritual perfection. Most of them reside in the Astral and are reconciling with their karma before they reincarnate. The easiest way for us to access them is through dreams. There are several dream paradigms; subconscious, Jungian and Yogic but scripted dreams by our ancestors are usually not even considered a possibility.
Our guides keep us in line with our unique destiny and purpose on the planet if we ask to receive their help.

They will also be there to help when we cross over after death.

In next week's blog we will talk more about the Astral realms.

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The Ancestors stress that time cannot be found but must be made - we need to be careful of how we spend the hour and beware of what we taste and where we immerse. Time is short to ready ourselves to meet death skillfully with good karma.

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