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 The Ancestors have instructed that I should only write or talk about my own experience. This time, however, I am going to deviate from this and fill in a few gaps in the dream paradigms described in the blogs both for you and myself. My approach to dreams revolves around how spirit guides script our dreams but  discussion of other methods would be incomplete without mention of lucid dreaming. 
The question is - can anyone lucid dream? In spite of attempts to do this and learn how, I admit to being mostly unsuccessful. The best I have done is to reenter a dream for a second time which is more or less a repeat of the first. This tells me that this dream is extremely important. I bought a piece of land in South Africa based on this type of a dream which was more of a command than a dream although I did see the land in the dream.  I had to take out a second mortgage on my house to acquire it. Crazy? - yes but the later result turned out to be a life saver so again this was maybe a scripted instruction rather than a lucid dream. 
My impression is that we each have our own specific and unique dream proclivity so that as with all other spiritual endeavors - the Ancestors teach; "you need to find the way (spiritual practice, destiny etc.) that was designed uniquely for you."
I believe this applies to dreams as well. 
Concerning lucid dreaming the Rinpoche counsels ...

Lucid dreaming may not be for everyone including myself.
The key to lucid dreaming is an awareness that one is dreaming and this comes easily for some but not for others. Most lucid dreamers enjoy lucid dreaming as entertainment and enchantment (rather than for spiritual growth and transformation.) That being said I like the Native American wisdom that advises; 
"If you cannot grow corn with it what use is it?"
These general principles below gleaned from experts have helped me understand lucid dreaming even if I have not mastered it. For meaningful lucid dreaming it does not serve to become enamored with and distracted by Astral dreamscapes. One needs to impose free will in the dream and change it by will, intention and passion. 
 With the awareness and (thats the challenge) that one is in a dream the mind must overcome sensory samsara with intention. One should not direct the dream but follow it once intention has been made. This requires trust, surrender and letting go without trying to control - in other words a non directed intention.
Suggestions when lucid are much more powerful since you are closer to the Source and to one's guides who can help or direct you. In this way it may be similar in some ways to hypnosis. 
Lucid dreaming is also great practice for being in the intermediate stage of death in the Astral.  Ancient wisdom teaches that there is no difference between awake time and dream time - they just have differing forms and qualities. Both according to the Tibetans are Maya - illusion. The one is just as real or unreal as the other.
While dreaming we travel to the Astral realms and can get a glimpse of what this world looks like after death where we will eventually go to reconcile with our karma. We can encounter our guides in the early hours of the morning in R.E.M. sleep when the veil between the worlds is more permeable. Here we can also visit past lives and what the Buddhists call "Store Consciousness" and parallel universes which may help us correct past unskillful karmic patterns. We meet people we know in the dream but cannot recall knowing when we wake up. Lucid dreaming allows us to go more deeply into this potential.
It can also help us reprogram our subconscious. We usually act of the background of the subconscious and not what we would like to think we are acting on. One can heal and be healed in a lucid dream even more powerfully.

"As you think it so it can be, as you believe and imagine it so it will be. " Ancestors

There is another saying; "Imagine, believe, achieve!" 
This is much easier to do in lucid dream than in real time. It resembles being in the Astral after death where what you imagine occurs and we can create our own reality instantaneously. Will, faith and courage are essential for this.
One cannot control the dream only our awareness and intention. The nature of lucid dreaming is instability and illusiveness. It requires a lot of practice to lucid dream effectively.

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