Saturday, June 3, 2017


From my reading and for those interested these seem to be the key principles.

 Have the general intention ahead of time of what you want from lucid dreaming; 
 Spiritual Work 
and getting a taste of what the intermediate stage of death or the Astral may be like. There are no limitations in this kind of dreaming if you can master it.

Before going to sleep repeat the mantra; 
"I will be aware that I am dreaming." 
One can enhance this by also staring at your hands for a minute or two to remind yourself to do so in the dream.

Keep a dream journal so you can familiarize yourself with repeat patterns - positive or negative - and then recognize them when they arise. 
Absurdity can help one realize one is in a dream. 
For instance you may be driving a car, then riding a bike then walking that may help you know this must be a dream. Or you are walking home which is many miles more than you would ever walk when awake.
Be aware of absurdity - positive or negative. If you are climbing or doing something physical, the impossible is possible. If one meets someone or something negative or harmful he or she or it can be challenged, changed, corrected.

Recognize you are in a dream and try to confirm it. The commonest trick is to look at one's hands or feet which do not look the same as in real time and will be distorted. One can also change the landscape and become aware of the fluidity of the dream. 

Since the dream is unstable and unpredictable its best to surrender and let go but set your intention first with will and passion.

Imagination is key
Whatever one imagines can occur including flying, leaping across impossible obstacles etc. but do not get distracted by epic dreamscapes.
If one awakes do not move and retrieve your memory of the dream. You can then imagine the details and that you are back in the dream and see if you can return and then be aware.

Here is my disclaimer. Good luck - I hope you have more success than I have had.
I feel a little like someone who is giving a recipe for an exotic meal when I have not cooked it or tried it myself. 
And so I plan to stick with my ancestrally scripted dreams and the songs that get downloaded. Every now and again its also just my subconscious working things through.
My experience over the years confirms that sometimes it is futile trying to develop a compelling talent that was not real meant for you whether its a form of meditation, a dream method or anything else.

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