Sunday, June 25, 2017


 There is one key factor that must be added to last weeks blog in negotiating the tension between Narrow and Spacious Mind and that is -
- possibly the hardest of all for many of us.
The yogis say that the most difficult chakra to open is the heart chakra. The San Bushman agree that to get into trance and heal others the heart must open and allow "Num (Kundalini) to flow. That we need to love everyone no matter what we think about them.

The other benchmarks from the Ancestors for knowing we are operating from Spacious Mind and not Narrow Mind are below.
They are simple but difficult - Kabir says; 
"Friend - there are very few who find the path."
And the Ancestors urge;
"Be patient with ourself, kind to your self and above all release yourself from what you are not accountable."
We are all heading for spiritual perfection. Some have been at the cycle of reincarnation longer than others but eventually we all will reach it. However, even then it is a process of "becoming" - it is never finished - there is always a deeper level to go.
(I inserted a ? here in the quote since what about those who are truly evil - no doubt they can - but will they?) Some will not be redeemed.


Having meaning in our lives

The ability to surrender and trust
Doing things for their own sake and for no ulterior motive

Being unattached not only to outcomes but also to the material

Attending to needs not wants

Being congruent with our unique Divine given Destiny 
Marching to the sound of our own drum regardless of what others may think.

Acting according to what our conscience dictates 
rather than our primitive urges and Narrow Mind.
Accepting our mistakes and rectifying them.

Forgiveness of others and ourselves

And also remembering the yoga saying that; 
"self-condemnation is one of the biggest impediments along the spiritual path."

Nurturing a sense of awe for the magic around us  (and "the magic of the ordinary")

Keeping company with those who make us more of ourselves rather than less 

Having a sense of humor and being able to laugh  even in the hardest of times.
Do no harm

 And in summary from the Tao... 

Next week's blog will be on spiritual practice which is the best possible way to negotiate this conundrum for most of us.

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