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In a prior talk I addressed the 

 Desirous Attachment
Essentially they are all embraced by the word Ego but in different ways. The Buddhists also call it Self-Cherishing. The Kabbalists link these sins to Narrow Mind which is a survival response of the more primitive brain also sometimes called Monkey Mind. 
After the upcoming talk on dreams we are going to go into these three deadly sins in greater detail one per talk. My plan was to put the old video on line (soon) on the Remedies in the meanwhile for those who want to review it or cannot attend but also to let the next few blogs add to the video. The three talks will focus more on the maladies themselves, the blog on the remedies.
These remedies reside in 
Spacious mind, Buddha or Big Mind or the Intellectual Sheath of Patanjali
They all speak to that area in our frontal lobe which is about connecting us to our goals, aspirations, higher ideals, aspirations, concepts, notions. 
Ego, on the other hand is linked not only to our Shadow or Evil Inclination  but also to 
Narrow Mind, Monkey Mind, Self Cherishing. 
These more primitive responses relate  to our habits, addictions, compulsions, impulses, desires and obsessions - in other words to our dysfunctions and spiritual unskillfulness. These can never be completely eliminated and tend to creep in unknowingly. Ego is like a chameleon, always changing colors and the higher we get up the spiritual hierarchy the more devious it can become. If we develop more awareness with a regular spiritual practice we can  subordinated them to the Higher Self, (Soul, Buddha or Christ Self or that part of us made in the image of God) through Spacious Mind. We cannot "think" our way out of them - one or other form of spiritual practice 
that fits our own unique disposition 
is necessary. 
The hexagon of the heart chakra represents 

Judgment, Desirous Attachment and Ego 
reside in the lower chakras below the diaphragm and the lower three points of the hexagon point below to the third chakra in the solar plexus. This is our power chakra and is the how we make our way in the world. These fear driven factors help us survive but limit our spiritual progress.  The upper three point above to the upper chakras or what Maslow called our growth needs.

The heart rests on the diaphragm which delineates the upper from the lower chakras. It is also essential for breathing and using the breath is a powerful and easy way to meditate. The science of pranayama in yoga is focused around using the breath for spiritual transformation and raising our vibration into the upper chakras. 
Kabir says; student tell me, what is God? HE IS THE BREATH INSIDE THE BREATH.”    
Spiritual practice will connect us to the 
Present Moment
 Spiritual Awareness 
Truth is not only the truth of our Divine given destiny but also the truths of the laws of spirit which like the physical laws of the universe are always operating, whether we believe in them or not or know about them or not. As Jesus taught; 
"The truth will set you free!"
and as Krishnamurti said once this happens; 
"Discernment is choiceness!"

The Ancestors also stress;
With all your strength - get knowledge!"
Hence spiritual progress is dependent on awareness, understanding and wisdom but also an enjoyable, regular, sustainable spiritual practice. 

Spacious Mind, Narrow Mind and Ego 
are always in flux. 
To the extent that we can reside in Big Mind we can overcome the challenges of Narrow Mind and Ego and more easily get into the higher vibrations of the Causal realms in awake time and in sleep.
To this the Ancestors add the merit of Purity and Virtue which should be a natural consequence of spiritual practice shifting us into our frontal lobe and Big Mind.

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