Sunday, July 16, 2017


The Ancestors

Last week's blog touched on nature as an ideal sensory environment for active meditation for those of us that are so inclined. This does not have to be rely on going primitive or on seeking out wild places and "Wilderness Rapture." One can find it walking silently on a beach or in a park especially around sunrise, sunset or at night on a full moon.  It is true, however, that for some of us - the more profound the beauty - the deeper the experience.
and the Ancestors say...

But we can also find it in the "Magic of the Ordinary."

Luther Standing Bear admonishes us ...
"It was only when the white man came that wilderness existed."
For aboriginal peoples wilderness was their home and no elaborate preparation or high technology was needed to feel comfortable in Her womb. They also knew and some still know how to communicate with all "beings"besides the talking ones.

We cannot go into nature making a noise and chattering incessantly and not missing all that it has to offer. Many have left nature behind them and psychologists now have a term called the "Nature Deprivation Syndrome" which they are discovering in children where the awe, adventure and fun of nature has been substitute for by an I Pad or video game. We have forgotten who we are or where we came from and can no longer understand these words of Van der Post. Rather we go into nature as a high tech experience or exercise to keep fit, bag peaks or run rivers and take selfies while doing so rather than to connect with Self.

Van der Post was endorsing these words of the Ancestors

But we need to go in alone (or together) but in silence.

We are also still able to hear the "soft, still, silent voice" of the Creator if we pay attention. Kabbalah tells us that God is playing hide and seek with us but no-one wants to play - God loves to be loved and nature is one way to engage. 

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