Sunday, July 9, 2017


The Ancestors teach;

(Small wonder that a good massage can also lead to a feeling of oneness)

Guided imagery and Jung's active imagination may achieve equanimity as well but the concept of linking it to the Creator or "the Spirit that moves in all things" is missing.

We have to find our own spiritual practice and for some of us passive meditation is difficult and not always fruitful. The Ancestors say;
"The way to God is through the senses."
The best expression of a sensory form of experience can be found in David's psalms and the Sufi poets.

And they stress that ...

We should look for the clues that can lead us to the most satisfactory form of sensory meditation. 

Active sensory meditation should lead to a sense of wonder and oneness, an appreciation that;
Rather than immersing in the senses the yogi's goal of Samadhi or the Oneness experience or Unity Consciousness is 
sensory withdrawal rather than sensory immersion 
while in a state of deep, passive meditation where ...

"The Knower, the Known and the process of Knowing" fuse into one thing."

This, however, can also occur with sensory active meditation for instance; 
in nature
 with dancing
 listening to music, drumming or playing an instrument
 where one becomes the dance or the music.

When the first white settlers entered Yosemite valley Bunnell had this "oneness" nature experience that when I experience it in wild places I call "wilderness rapture." 

Nature is the Creator's masterpiece and for those of us that are so disposed can be a vehicle for profound sensory meditation. No doubt the psalms of David arose out of nature - from a king who was originally a shepherd.

Music with the right vibration for you can achieve the same feeling especially when combined with sensory imagination.
Africans say
and there is a Chassidic saying that, 

"With song one can open the gates of heaven"

For some this can occur with the sexual experience but for most of us Tantric sex is difficult to manage and also requires a "soul mate" type of connection for the deepest authenticity. 
Childbirth is a common catalyst for the oneness experience.

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