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Africans say; "we pray by singing and dancing" and the Talmud teaches that "with song one can open the gates of heaven." 

The Ancestors

There are many ways to engage the five senses in meditation and there are intuitive senses beyond these five as well which will deepen if we do. Invent your own meditations - here are some ideas.

Candle meditation, being mesmerized by patterns on a patterned or nature screen or immersing in Nature itself.
Music, Chanting, Drumming, the mantra of nature's sounds. See last week's blog.

The Ancestors

Massage, Vipassana, love making ...

Aromas, Incense, Nature.

Something you love with intention and focus (chocolate, great wine.) So many forms of taste sensation - bitter, sweet, sour, salty, pungent, umami (the taste of glutamates such as M.S.G. an artificial one and one that makes some of us sick), coolness, numbness and a new one oleogustus - the taste of fat. Amazing what the taste buds can differentiate. Buddhists eat in silence and food becomes their meditation. We are blessed to be in a sentient body which we will lose when we pass on. We should enjoy it while we can - but responsibly.

The senses allow us to connect more deeply with the elements. As we travel up the hierarchy of chakras we see an increasing vibration from earth, to water, to fire, to air, and then to ether 
or what Kabbalah calls "Nothingness," ("Ayin,") 
the Buddhists "Emptiness."
 At the crown chakra we connect with the ether element and unity consciousness or the oneness experience or "I am that I am" in other words we "realize" we made in the image of the Creator.  We are also being breathed by the breath or wind of the Infinite One - ruach - wind, spirit, life force in Hebrew -  prana in yoga. 

The Zohar

We were all "nature bound" originally though technology has made us forget our primal hunter-gathers roots. It is not so long ago that we were wandering the savanna's completely reliant on the senses, the elements and Nature's bounty. The San Bushmen one of the last of the hunter-gatherers of the planet are able to access higher levels of consciousness through nature alone especially through the "soft" fascinations (scenes, sunsets, smells, aromas the mantra sound of the bush...) which meditate them into an alfa state (and beyond.) We can do the same with right intention.
"The Ancestors say;
"The force of the primal self manifested as love is the glory of God. Those who awaken it in others glorify him."

Each chakra element has its own vibratory connection, sound and meditation. Listen, see, smell, taste, touch, feel.
When we do this we begin to 
"hear what hearing ears do not and see what seeing eyes do not."

The Ancestors

Connecting the Senses with the Elements

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