Saturday, November 18, 2017


The Hero/ine's Journey is a tool for becoming congruent with ourselves, for being true to our real Self, our unique archetype and our destiny mission, where soul, heart and intellect are in sync.
This requires surrendering and giving in to something bigger than ourselves, trusting, letting go and leaping off a proverbial cliff.
There are three phases to the journey as described by Van Gennep; Separation, Threshold and Incorporation which fit in well with what Campbell describes...

The hero/ine must separate from family and friends for the journey. In the typical archetypal journey she is give an object of power to "defeat the dragon" and fear must arise to take this leap of faith. Today it is likely to be something other than a sword of old and more likely information, an inspirational encounter, a book or a trip to an exotic land.

Once the message has been received there can be no turning back or something will die inside the soul of the would be hero/ine. This is called "The Fall."
This discernment is choiceless, there is no staying the same, no time for complacency, one needs to go where the growth is. Fear is an integral part of all aspects of the entire journey of Separation, Threshold and Incorporation. In the succeeding weeks we will talk about the latter two aspects of the experience.

The venture also requires releasing from old habit patterns and if needed close connections since others will try to dissuade you and tell you are undertaking a fool's errand. This may well be because at a subconscious level they are jealous or too fearful to undertake their own journey. They will tell you that its not safe, you will suffer financially and possibly even risk your health or even your life. The opposite is more true. There is a greater inner danger if you do not respond to the calling. 

The gateway to the "Field," the spirit world and your true purpose requires passion, courage and strong intention. As Shakti Gawain said;
"The universe will reward you for taking risks on its behalf."



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