Saturday, November 11, 2017


The biggest challenge is knowing who we are and then getting out of the way of ourselves and allowing our destiny to unfold with our unique gift/s. Most of us take a life time to find out who we are - in the last third of his or her life the proverbial yogi goes walk about in the forest to find "enlightenment" or who she or he truly is.

As the Ancestors teach; 
"All is a journey and not a destination, a continual arriving done for its own sake."
We never quite get there - we never quite make it. There is always another level, a higher vibration to attain.
The good news is that when we reach a certain karmic vibration we do not have to be reincarnate but to get there the other rules of karma from the last blog also pertain. We have to fulfill those too in addition to our destiny agreement or promise. 
As Kabbir said: "Friend there are very few who find the way."
There are few things that can help us:

Subordinating ego to the higher  Self
A spiritual practice
Opening the heart
Our spirit guides and ancestors 

These can enrich our instructional dreams and intuitions from within (the higher Self, the Third Eye) and from without (those scripted by our spirit guides.)

The Hero/ine's Journey
is the template for this to happen
There are four yoga paths and the Hero/ine's journey is the path of service to others - all "Four Beings" - with mindfulness or Karma yoga.

The Ancestors

In the next blog we will look at what that may look like for us in our current state of chaos and confusion.

Click on the link to highlight then play - we are really here for others - still, growing, wild and/or talking beings.


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