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Below - as far as I know in my limited understanding - are some of the variables that control Karma. 
We will do a blog on each beginning with destiny. 

Destiny is not the same as fate. Fate is the cards we are dealt with in life, beginning with the family and circumstances we were born into, and what happens to us along the way after that. Our fate also depends on our Karmic profile from prior life times.  For this reason some are "luckier" than others because they have earned their new more favorable predicaments. Nevertheless, no matter the barriers, we are all meant to rise above our fate into our own true unique destiny - that gift we were given to help heal the planet and correct injustice in one way or another.
Destiny demands we become congruent with who we are truly meant to be and this is preordained.

  "Lord of Athens. Faithful be to thyself & mystery - all else is perjury."  Dickenson. 

"I implore you to submit to your own myths. Any postponement in doing so is a lie."  William Carlos Patterson. 

"This above all to thine own self be true
 and it must follow as night the day; thou canst not then be false to any man."  Shakepeare

We need to be true to our myth and hold to this vision. This will bring us meaning, well being, equanimity, joy or happiness depending also on our unique emotional disposition.

There are four main archetypes and each can take many forms of expression. Many of us can manifest all four but we need to follow the one most true to us. Karmically its no use being a jack of all trades and master of none, no matter how gratifying.
Roshi said; "When you find your place where you are, practice begins" 
in one or other of these expressions.

The Healer 
and Teacher can take up many guises.
Apart from the military the Warrior can be the conscious C.E.O. or politician...
The Visionary can be the sage, guru, shaman, psychic, elder, crone, artist, musician etc.
To find one's destiny requires courage and forbearance especially since many of us do not have a clue what it is. We may need to keep our day job and learn to live in two worlds doing what is true to our heart in our spare time often without pay. There can be no excuses or room for complacency. This may require trial and error. When one road no longer seems to fit we take another.

The Ancestors warn us that anything or anybody that does not make us more of who we are make us less and that there is no staying the same. We need to free ourselves to be ourselves and release ourselves from what we are no longer accountable.

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