Sunday, February 25, 2018


Last week we dealt with destiny. This week we will focus on healing the planet and correcting injustice. 
Its best if we do this through our own unique destiny or archetype but it will still count, however we do it. A vision of what our destiny and archetype is, can be empowering but we must also actualize the vision.

There are four main forms of Yoga; Service (Karma Yoga,) Devotional (...of God or Bhakti,) Intellectual (Jnana Yoga or knowledge of ancient scriptures), and Raja Yoga, the Royal path of controlling the mind through meditation and Self-realization. We can do service through one or more of these pathways but just as we have a main archetype 
we should also have a special affinity to one of these various Yogas, all of which are to be of service. 
There is a Zen saying; 
"before enlightenment chop wood carry water, after enlightenment chop wood carry water."
Also giving to our fellow humans makes us happy and 
self cherishing is a recipe for misery. 
It really isnt 
all about me! 

Seligman the father of positive psychology confirmed that the self-esteem movement was a dismal failure that led to a significant incidence of depression.

There is also no hierarchy here regarding the Four Beings of Nature; Still, Growing, Wild or Talking. Some would prefer to do service for one or more of the Non-human beings. Connecting with any of the others in a giving way can be karmically enriching.

We also make an Afterlife by what we give so we need to find time to give of ourselves regardless of reward.

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