Sunday, April 1, 2018


We usually project our own shadow onto others and then judge them so we can feel better about ourselves. Kabbalah tells us that if  we then gossip about it we kill three people (karmically) ourselves, the one we talk about (sometimes by character assassination) and the one we talk to (because it may "kill" their relationship with that person.) Moreover, if he or she spreads the gossip this compounds not only their karma but impacts the other folks they tell.
 Buddhism teaches not to talk critically about a person unless we know it to be true. However, we may not know the true nature of those conditions leading to that behavior. Native American wisdom adds that we should first "walk in that persons moccasins" before we cast judgment. However, we should also appreciate that if we have been impacted negatively by someone's behavior and  if this information will help another avoid harm, sharing it may be a necessary. This may be different to "weighing." We should nevertheless weigh the consequences before we share.
Gossip not only affects the soul but also has a negative affect on the subconscious. Matthew's quote above also speaks to this.
The Ancestors also teach that compassion and forgiveness are the antidote to judgment not only of others but also of ourselves.

We need to not judge ourselves too severely. Ancient wisdom asserts that self-condemnation is one of the biggest impediments on the enlightenment path. Neuroscience and Functional M.R.I.'s show that self-recrimination and self-deprecation can put our brain in lock down mode and cut us off from the prefrontal lobe of Spacious or Big Mind. The focus then literally becomes survival with increased activity in the brain's primitive centers. Remember that the survival response is never entirely fight or flight but can also be 
freezing and feigning death 
-- a testament to the frontal lobe especially going into lockdown.
We need to treat ourselves, and others, with an unconditional positive regard or U.S.A. - Universal Self Acceptance. Acknowledge what we have done wrong with compassion, correct it if possible and resolve not to do it again. We should hopefully expect the same of others and allow them time to do the same. 

        If we recognize the harmful effects judgment has on ourselves it may be easier to overcome this universal and tricky challenge         - so difficult for all of us.

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