Sunday, April 8, 2018


The Ancestors say; "God's love is not a test and God is not a test of love."
The love of the Creator is unconditional, however, karma is built as a default into the soul and when we cross the veil between worlds at the end of any lifetime we will still be accountable but in a loving non judgmental way - pure cause and effect. We never  escape the consequences of our actions in spite of the love bestowed.
The Ancestors urge, "if the law does not obey love, do not serve the law." This does not say disobey it which would be perilous but do not serve it. What is "law" this side of the veil can be karmically hazardous on the other side.
We will not only be accountable to our destiny, healing the planet, subordinating ego and doing no harm but also to the extent we do all this with love and in joy. These two, are for many of us, the most difficult.
Rev. Nachmann taught; "love is not incidental to your spiritual path it is vital."
The Ancestors teach that "anyone who brings joy to another also brings joy to the Creator."
All the factors determining our karma are interrelated and interdependent so we should try our best; "to love like we have never been hurt and dance like no-one is looking."
 If we are serving with our true destiny we will not only experience joy but hopefully also be doing our mission with love.
Loving ourselves makes it easier to love others so that we need to practice U.S.A. (Universal Self Acceptance) or have an unconditional positive regard for not only others but also ourselves. This does not endorse enabling! We need to take responsibility for our actions, make amends quickly and then move on.

Love embraces compassion, empathy and forgiveness. Thick Nhat Hanh says we all inter are and the Ancestors confirm that we are all one, though not the same. The Southern African philosophy of Ubuntu tells us that we are only persons through other persons. 
All of this is easier said than done; unity consciousness is much more difficult than duality consciousness.
 Doing unto others as we would have them do unto us is a good start. So that ...
The Ancestors 

We are taught to do things for their own sake but in doing so our heart chakra must also be fully open.

The Ancestors 

With social media and advance technology we are in danger of becoming more and more isolated not only from each other but from the healing power of nature and the elements.

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More on Joy next week

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