Friday, June 27, 2014

This weeks blog - more on accessing the Field and crossing the Veil between the worlds and the importance of Kundalini

For the Kundalini/Umbilini/Num to rise, the shaman must go beyond the constraints of ego. The ego is one of the greatest hindrances to the upward movement of Kundalini energy. One has to subordinate ego to the Higher Self to access the Field. Another block to the flow of spiritual energy is a “block” at the heart chakra. The heart must open for energy to flow freely. Bushman healers acknowledge that it is the ability of the healer to love (no matter what she thinks of the patient) that gives them power to heal. This healing energy is Divine healing energy which can be channeled most powerfully with humility and love. Many American indigenous traditions use plant entheogens to open the heart, transcend ego and introduce neophytes to the mystical realms but our Western bias does not support their use. 

regular spiritual practice is key to this journey.
                     The principle of polarity balance require that the adept develop a meaningful and enjoyable inner practice in order to keep in touch with “Self” and the Field and maintain equilibrium in an often, hostile world. This observance should be performed almost daily whether it is prayer, Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation or anything else. Africans say; “we pray by singing and dancing” and for many Westerners with a strong cognitive orientation some form of physical spiritual practice works best to get them out of the "monkey mind." Hence the success of Yoga in the West which has a lot to do with polarity balance; standing postures/inversions, flexions/extensions, twists to the left/right, inhale/exhale etc. We do not have to have just one avenue, one can mix up spiritual practices that appeal e.g. hiking in nature and yoga. Anything done for its own sake qualifies as a spiritual practice which means it cannot be done to perform, compete or look good. Playing an instrument, painting, drawing, gardening, surfing etc. all can work.
         Shamanic activities facilitate the right brain, the moon or feminine channel  or yin energy and are by their nature inwardly directed. They include ceremony, ritual, drumming, chanting, singing, dancing, fasting, solitude, meditation and in some cultures the use of mind-altering plants or entheogens that induce a spiritual experience. Today massage, acupuncture/pressure, reiki, rolfing, healing touch, distant healing, meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong and guided imagery can be part of “Energy Medicine” and depending on the intention would also often qualify as being non local and hence “shamanic.”

A schematic rendition of energy anatomy based on the chakra system. 
The Kundalini is Feminine, Shakti, Vibrational Energy that moves up the Central Channel of the spine energizing the chakras as it ascends. The symbol of the Heart Chakra is the Hexagon.

To go Inward we must "turn" left on the diagram above (not right which is so pervasive in our culture.) The moon channel invokes a relaxation response and is healing - the sun,sympathetic one which sometimes morphs into flight/fight or survival. Chronic overload of the latter can lead to hypertension and athersoschlerosis due to excess output of adrenalin and diabetes because of too much cortisone secretion into the blood stream. If for no other reason a spiritual practice is still healthful.

        There is evidence that the Kalahari Bushmen were aware of this kind of energy at least 28,000 years ago. These healing states have been rendered beautifully as painted images on the rocks and cave walls of the subcontinent. This new and at the same time very old medicine originated on the African plains.

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