Sunday, October 4, 2015

This weeks blog is an endorsement for going back to the Garden of Eden archetype and connecting with our primal instincts

even though
“We cannot today recreate the original wilderness human in shape form or habitat. But we can recover him because he exists in us. She is the foundation in spirit or psyche on which we build and we are not complete until we have recovered her… Laurens van der Post

We can always adopt a primal consciousness when we encounter nature. That primal self is closer to the real Self

and that

“Gods breath is heard in quietness & felt in stillness. Beware the noises and clamor of ego which drown out the Divine whisper.” The Ancestors
Its best to be alone 

and that
Nature is not only all that is visible to the eye... It also includes the inner pictures of the soul. Edward Munch

Western technology has given us tremendous gifts but we should never forget the huge price we have paid for losing contact with our primal selves and with nature.

And how do we facilitate this
Find your own access to nature that suits you and not others. Set an inner intention. Let go of goals once there. Do it for its own sake. Keep it simple. Alone Time is critical. Connect with the "Soft Fascinations." Attend to needs not wants.

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