Sunday, October 11, 2015

This weeks blog concerns some of the reasons for going primal reinforced by the wisdom of many that preceded us.

Data and science are limited and can only take us so far.
Cognitive knowledge obliterates the intuitive and this is why more primal  and indigenous cultures   are so intuitive. They are constantly being guided in dreams, visions and "feelings" by their ancestors or spirit guides. The veil between words is more open to them because of their close connection to the great teacher - nature - and also because their left brains are not overwhelmed with information.

Those that confine their experience to the five senses are missing the other 99%. Einstein confirmed that our knowledge was the knowledge of children and that we would know a little more than we know now but the full extent of this other 99% we would never know, never!

So called miracles do occur but they are not outside of the natural world or the five senses just outside our limited understanding of it.

The Newtonian model has brought us very far but eventually will be partially replaced by the more current quantum paradigm that acknowledges: 
Information not localized in space and time that can be useful and even life saving.
The presence of a largely unknowable non local "Field."
That consciousness exists outside of our brain and that if the brain is our computer, there is some force  programming us

Whatever being comes to be, be it motionless or moving, derives its being from Field and Knower of the Field. Bhagavad Gita

Many indigenous shamans cannot read or write but would qualify as "seers" because they are able to access non local information in the Field through their spirit guides in trance, dreams and with divination which like a diving rod for finding water is facilitated by telekinesis from the spirit world.

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