Saturday, October 17, 2015

This weeks blog is on how to go Primal without being extreme

We really do not have to try and emulate the hunter gatherer experience to enjoy "Wilderness Rapture" (W.R.) My understanding of  W.R. is, that it resembles Maslow's peak experience in its most intense form or what the yogis might call the oneness experience or unity consciousness. Here the knower, the known and the process of knowing fuse into one thing and we feel a short period of bliss and oneness before our left brain snaps us out of it as we try to analyze and evaluate. In a diluted form, W. R. is being in a very relaxed alfa state of consciousness (as opposed to our usual hyperactive beta rhythm in the brain.)
Here is an example of Wilderness Rapture as described by Lafayette Bunnell, one of the first white people to enter Yosemite valley.

In this brief moment Bunnell and Yosemite valley fused into one thing. The knower (Bunnell,) the known (Yosemite,) and the process of him "knowing" it became one. I am sure many of you have had a similar experience watching a sunset. listening to music (when you become the music,) with dancing, sex, childbirth or otherwise.

In order to facilitate this process one has to go into nature with an inward intention and do so "for its own sake." When I wrote my first book describing W.R., (a prelude to forming Inward Bound Healing Journeys for this express purpose,) I said it like this;

We can emulate Bushmen consciousness by having as little between us and nature as possible but...
it is also perfectly true that we do not have to go very far into nature to do this. We can do it in our garden, walking on the beach or in a park. If we choose we can take more time out and find a cabin on a lake or go on a spiritual retreat where there is nature around us, be it a spar or otherwise. As the ancestors advise below, it is much easier for some of us to have the "Yosemite" model to get there.

Many, however, can experience W.R., as the ancestors say, by "the magic of the ordinary..."

Going alone or in quietness is essential.

Those that can find it for themselves and then share it with others can inherit their blessing below.

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