Sunday, March 5, 2017

Buddhists look on adversity in a favorable light as a test of their spiritual practice and the Ancestors say that everything is a test.  Challenges will always arise to see how strong our motivation to do good can be. When there is fear the test may be much stronger because it can put us in survival mode. However, it is usually our karma which is at stake and not really our life. 

The antidotes to the dark forces that confront us are the Three L's below. These three include Joy and Gratitude which are also about laughter and light. We can even find these in hard times.

In addition any sound or music of a high vibration can disperse the dark. Therefore in spiritual and indigenous communities these are used extravagantly; Tibetan gongs, crystal bowls, horns, drumming, rattling, the didgeridoo and others. 

Leopold tells us that there is more than is obvious to hearing ears for us to hear in wild places. Moreover the mantra of bush sounds, the wind in the trees or a babbling brook are all sacred sounds.

Ultimately it is about raising our vibration with sound or aroma as well as increasing our threshold for fear or stress with a regular spiritual practice.
The Ancestors tell us that aroma is one of the most powerful deterrents against the dark. Incense raises the vibration whether used by Yogis or Buddhists or the burning of sage by Native Americans. 
When it comes to trickster spirits we should acknowledge that these entities are of a low vibration and cannot abide anything which raises the vibration above their comfort level. Similarly we should not lower our own vibration or our environment with too much exposure to the media, violent movies, the company we keep or anything else.

Water can also help us. Emoto's research indicates that the vibration of water and its molecular structure changes favorably with prayer and music of a high vibration. He discovered this by looking at the crystal formation under a dark ground microscope after freezing it. These crystals were exquisite under magnification. The opposite was true for all stimuli of a toxic nature. Our bodies are 80% water so if we immerse with the right intention in water of a high vibration whether its a pristine stream in the Sierras or bath water exposed to aroma, sacred sound and even a sacred plant we can raise our vibration significantly.
Try these out and see for yourself. 
Sick patients with incurable diseases verified this at Lourdes and other power spots where healing water embraces the sacred power of Universal Healing Love Energy to cure.

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