Sunday, March 26, 2017


Today's blog will focus on the Causal Realm

The Ancestors

Our Spirit Guides await out attention and our "asking to receive." As mentioned in last week's blog this requires a devoted spiritual practice in order to 
"spiral into existence spirits that are needed."
Spirit guides reside in multiple different vibrations and go to the vibration they have earned by their karma. 
Most of us will not receive a higher order of information coming from enlightened beings in the Causal (saints, boddisatvas, gurus, visionaries, seers etc.) If we are fortunate enough to download information from the Causal we can ourselves become "seers" and as Sri Aurobindo teaches...
According to the great Yogi Patajali there are five sheaths of consciousness seen in the figure below. As we go inwards toward the center of Ananda or Bliss where we come into direct contact with our Higher Self we reach increasingly refined levels of vibration. 
The Mind Sheath (Narrow Mind) is our monkey mind. This primitive mind chatters persistent messages of delusion to us and together with Ego gets in the way of us attaining a Causal vibration. The Causal body presides in the Intellectual sheath (also called Buddha mind or Spacious mind.) If we can attain this vibration in our life time it is likely we will retain it when we pass over. This, however, is extremely difficult and as Kabir says; "Friend there are very few who find the way."
Without a dedicated spiritual practice it will be almost impossible to subordinate  Monkey Mind and Ego to the Higher Self.

As the Ancestors teach there are as many pathways in death as there are in life. Each spiritual or cultural traditions will have different descriptions of where they go to when they pass over. I think that is why the Dalai Llama tells us to keep our respective religions or traditions because that mind set is likely to propel us into the realm where we feel most comfortable. He stresses that Buddhism is a tool rather than a religion. The yogis say the same thing. There is no contradiction between between using Buddhist or Yoga technology and having one's own belief or retaining or religion. 
When it comes to the realm of enlightened beings it will look different for each according to their belief system; Buddhists will go to the "Pure Land," Yogis to the "Causal," Kabbalists to the "Garden of Eden" and so on. It will be what they always imagined it to be.
We are propelled by our karma, love, truth and imagination to the realm where we belong. Our state of mind and vibration when we cross over is critical.
To yogis the Causal is a bliss state of pure consciousness where the soul can go to dream. The soul can gain knowledge here or not in eternity, One can reincarnate to do service or not. It is also called Moksha, liberation, the absolute, nothingness. It is nameless, Netti or "not that." 
Here there is no duality, no body, mind or ego and no female or male unlike the Astral. 
 Kabbalists call their equivalent the Garden of Eden. There were two Trees in the Garden; the Tree of Knowledge which got us kicked out and the Tree of Life through which we can reattain Eden if we use it as a path for conscious living. Spirits in the Garden retain free will unlike the Astral and can do service from the other side actually even more effectively that when they were alive. Being non local in space and time is a huge advantage for these "quantum"guides.

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