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There are as many paths in life as there are in death and except for a few oversimplified universal principles death remains a complete mystery.
There are, however, several well described realms in various spiritual traditions the most friendly of which, to the Western mind are as follows: 
Celestial or Angelic 
(remote from us)
Lower (hopefully also remote for most of us)
There are also a multitude of vibrational levels among each of these categories.
There is a veil between our world and the "other side" (called the Pargawd in Kabbalah.) When we die we usually cross over the veil to reconcile with our karma and reincarnate again. We choose parents that are best able to help our 
into a higher vibration of consciousness the next time around. 

Earth Bound Spirits
Some spirits become lost between the worlds and get stuck on the earth plane. This occurs due to a confused death or when one is too "attached" to material possessions or one's love connections. It is not good to mourn for too long since this may hold the spirit of the loved one back on the earth plane. We have to know when its time to let go.

Being earth bound  hampers spiritual progress along our life path. Usually being earth bound is involuntary and the spirit may not even know they are dead. The commonest cause is an elderly person who is attached to his/her home and its objects and stays around the house after death. For this reason in many states in the U.S.A. it is compulsory to reveal if someone had died in the house prior to any impending sale.

Sometimes the spirit may be torn between crossing over and staying a while on the earth plane in order to support a loved one who is suffering from the death or other circumstances. This is a voluntary decision which makes it easier to connect with the living through dreams and visitations than from the other more remote side of the veil.

As the Ancestors teach

The Causal Realm 
is the realm of enlightened beings and perfected souls who do not need to reincarnate though they may choose to, to do further service (the '"Gandhis" of the world.) However, since spirits are not localized in space and time and this is an advantage, the Zohar says;

We all have Buddha nature and are eventually heading toward spiritual perfection and the Causal. This requires a devoted spiritual practice but we need to find our own way.

The Ancestors
The Ancestors
The Buddha (and especially Krishnamurti) stressed...

Since Friday was St Patrick's day I hope you enjoy the songs. 
We go to the realm where we feel most at home. Probably St. Patrick is hanging out with Druids in their equivalent of the Causal realm.
and who knows maybe on the Isles of Gonne
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In the next few weeks we will elaborate on the Causal and some of the other realms. These blogs are also to expand on the upcoming talk at C.L.L. on Death in May. For anyone who has doubts on the information I suggest you also read Eban Alexander's (Harvard neurosurgeon) book Proof of Heaven of his own experience. Each person's will be different depending on their culture and religion or spiritual belief but the principles are the same.

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